Another great year of fundraising for the 3Cs

COEUR d’ALENE – Cancer & Community Charities, better known as 3C, is putting the money back. This is the time of year when the numbers are calculated, the dollars are counted, and the charities are carefully vetted.

This year, they added $ 103,000 to the $ 2.3 million the group has donated so far.

Gathered Friday morning, nine members made the final decisions about the funds they spent the year raising.

“It’s quite a process. We start at nine in the morning, we go through (the information), ”said Rhonda Newton, president of the association. “Each of our members met with a representative from each of the charities. “

The team does extensive research and decisions are not made lightly.

“We sat down with them and discussed what the specific project is and the total cost of the project,” Newton said. “Not just how much they’re asking us for, but how they’re going to secure the rest of the funds and if they don’t get all the funds they need, what else can they use the money for.”

The 3Cs recontact each beneficiary and verify that he has used the funds given for the projects envisaged.

Not your average fundraising group, the official 3C website says, “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. And they live (and play) by this motto.

Tackling fundraising in a most unusual way, the 3Cs have many small social groups that members participate in: book clubs, bowling, bridge and bunco; singer Coeur d’Aleers and the Crafty Crew; sewing items for sale on Etsy, and more.

“We are a very unique group. 3Cs is kind of an umbrella group and under that we have 12 or 13 social groups, ”member Judy Gardner said. “All of these groups come together throughout the year.

Offering a range of enjoyable social events, small contributions are made beyond the cost of the activity. Five dollars here, twenty dollars there, and the funds add up tremendously.

The 3Cs also host big events like an annual fashion show, golf tournament and fundraising dinners.

On August 13, they will be hosting a dinner concert at the Best Western Plus Coeur d’Alene Inn. The event features the Kelly Hughes Band, raffles and auction opportunities, dancing and food. The event starts at 5:30 p.m.

“We are focusing on cancer charities, as well as women and children in crisis,” Gardner said. “It started 60 years ago with a group of women who were bowlers; one of their wives had cancer and they started to fundraise for her treatment.

The association received the status of a non-profit association in 1975.

With nearly 600 members, they require a modest membership fee of $ 20 to join. Small group activities also require a nominal fee.

The 3Cs welcome women interested in making new friends and developing their personal interests while supporting charitable causes.

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